Fiberio: A Touchscreen that Senses Fingerprints

Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch. Proceedings of ACM UIST 2013. Best paper award.

We present Fiberio, a rear-projected multitouch table that identifies users biometrically based on their fingerprints during each touch interaction. Fiberio accomplishes this using a new type of screen material: a large fiber optic plate. The plate diffuses light on transmission, thereby allowing it to act as projection surface. At the same time, the plate reflects light specularly, which produces the contrast required for fingerprint sensing. In addition to offering all the functionality known from traditional diffused illumination systems, Fiberio is the first interactive tabletop system that authenticates users during touch interaction—unobtrusively and securely using the biometric features of fingerprints, which frees users from carrying identification tokens.