Opportunities in the lab

We have open PhD positions in the lab and we're accepting applications from candidates for fall 2024. Start times can be flexible and could also be right away (ETH doesn't constrain enrollment dates for PhDs). We're looking forward to applications from strong candidates whose backgrounds overlap with

Application materials

If you're interested in working with us, please prepare the following materials:

  1. your background (see the list above, mention your skills, how you've demonstrated them in your projects, and how they relate to our projects),
  2. a short research statement (≤ 1 page on what you'd work on, your goals, and ambitions),
  3. your CV,
  4. the name and contact of two references for your application,
  5. your transcript of records (for both undergrad and master's).

Make your application specific to our research! And kindly understand that we won't be able to respond to incomplete applications unfortunately.

Details for candidates interested in

ETH Zurich is a great place to work on exciting research! Check out the teaser:

PhD positions for bachelor graduates (Direct Doctorate)

The Department of Computer Science at ETH Zürich offers the Direct Doctorate to exceptional undergrad applicants, which includes tuition waivers and a stipend for a 2-year research master's program, after which candidates automatically enroll into the regular PhD program.

Requirements are listed in detail on the Application and admission page of the CS Department. Applications for the Direct Doctorate are open November 15 – December 15, 2023. Please review the necessary application documents, which include a Statement of Purpose addressing your research interests.

PhD positions (for master graduates)

If you're a strong candidate with a background in one of the areas listed up top, please reach out with an application for a PhD opportunity and apply to one of the positions listed above. Your aplication should include a couple of sentences on your projects so far, your interests, and how they relate to our research. Check out some of our recent projects before getting in touch!

Make sure to include the five items listed above in your application! We won't be able to respond to incomplete applications unfortunately.

Note: to enroll in a PhD, ETH requires candidates to have a completed master's degree (or finish it soon).

PhD fellowships (ETH AI Center & Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems)

Candidates interested in working in a collaborative setting with us and related groups can also apply for PhD fellowships at the ETH AI Center and the Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems. Both offer opportunities to enter a co-advised PhD program.

ETH AI Center Doctoral Fellowships

The fellowship program at the ETH AI Center is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and a positive impact to society. All PhD fellows across various disciplines will be co-located at the premises of the ETH AI Center and collaboration with faculty and staff of other disciplines is highly encouraged.

Doctoral fellows of the AI Center are co-advised by two members of the AI Center. If you are interested, please read about the details of the program and apply directly through the AI Center. The deadline is December 1, 2023. Interviews for selected applicants will take place in January.

Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems

The Center for Learning Systems (CLS) is a joint academic program between ETH Zürich and the Max Planck Society. Through the exchange in research and education, PhD fellows advance artificial intelligence with a fundamental understanding of perception, learning, and adaption in complex systems.

Doctoral candidates of the CLS are co-advised by a member from ETH and one from Max Planck Institute. If you are interested, please read about the details of the program and apply directly through the CLS site. The deadline is November 1, 2023. Interviews for selected applicants will take place in late January.

Postdoc positions

We support strong candidates for their application to the ETH Fellowship program (deadlines March 1 and September 1). This opportunity fully funds a two-year postdoc stay including salary, equipment, travel, conference attendance, etc.

If you are a strong candidate in one of the areas of our work and you are interested in applying, please

Research internships

Graduate-level research internships

We will host grad-level research interns in exceptional cases. Internships with us are 3–6 months fulltime, compensated, and available for students enrolled in master's or PhD programs. During a research internship, candidates will lead a research project in collaboration with the team.

If you're interested, please include in your email:

  1. a description of your (research) interests and how they relate to our research,
  2. a comment on your skills and which of the areas above your expertise falls in,
  3. a short statement of purpose (e.g., as part of the email),
  4. your CV,
  5. the name and contact of one reference,
  6. your transcript of records.

Looking forward to your email!

Student Summer Research Fellowship (next deadline: December 2023)

Bachelor's and master's students can apply for the Student Summer Research Fellowship at the Department of Computer Science. The dates, duration, and eligibility criteria cannot be changed for VISA purposes. After admission, the VISA process is straightforward, you'll receive a stipend and housing!

Applications are due December 15, 2023 and need to be submitted to the the department's summer fellowship application portal.