We're an international, cross-disciplinary team, hailing from backgrounds including software engineering, electrical engineering, computer vision, machine learning, and personal informatics. If you're interested in working with us, get in touch or swing by. Our contact emails are:

For all general inquiries, collaborations, and requests, email Christian at christian/holz#inf/ethz/ch.

Current visitors

  • Mohamed Kari (semantic AR and VR. visiting from University of Duisburg-Essen & Porsche.).

Team alumni

  • Hugo Romat (embodied pen+touch interaction). next: Research Engineer in the NUI team at Microsoft Redmond, WA.

Current thesis students

  • Marius Hanisch (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. external master's thesis, co-advised with Oliver Amft).
  • Stephanie Vogt (ETH MAVT M.Sc. co-advised with Mirko Meboldt).
  • André Rodrigues (Universidade Nova de Lisboa CSE M.Sc. external master's thesis).
  • Christian Rubin (ETH ITET M.Sc.).
  • Joshua Steiner (ETH CS B.Sc. co-advised with Andreas Kunz).
  • Thomas Fischer (ETH CS B.Sc. co-advised with Andreas Kunz).

Past master's thesis students and visitors

  • Daniel Gstoehl (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Marilou Beyeler (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Christian Knieling (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Nikola Kovacevic (ETH CS M.Sc.). next: PhD student at the Computer Graphics Lab, ETH CS.
  • Philippe Andreu (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Danil Ivanov (ETH CS M.Sc.). next: Full stack developer at Felfel Zürich.
  • Karan Ahuja (3D from 2D. visiting from CMU HCII.).
  • Alice Mylaeus (M.Sc. Robotics, D-MAVT, ETH RSC). next: APM at Google Zürich.
  • Manuel Meier (M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, D-ITET, ETH EE). next: PhD student with us.

Past undergrads and project students

  • Rayan Armani (M.Sc. Robotics, D-MAVT, ETH RSC).
  • Jannik Gartmann (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Janik Baumer (ETH MAVT M.Sc.).
  • Yves Kempter (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Markus Pobitzer (ETH Robotics B.Sc. D-MAVT).
  • Jonathan Lampérth (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Boris Bernegger (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Guillaume Thivolet (ETH ITET M.Sc.).
  • Fabian Mächler (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Lukas Walker (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Tom Cinbis (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Nicole Wenzinger (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Clemens Bachmann (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Chris Buob (ETH CS B.Sc.).