We're an international, cross-disciplinary team, hailing from backgrounds including software engineering, electrical engineering, computer vision, machine learning, and personal informatics.

For all general inquiries, collaborations, and requests, email Christian at christian/holz#inf/ethz/ch.

If you're interested in working with us, get in touch or swing by. Our contact emails are:

Current thesis students

  • Daniel Gstoehl (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Stephanie Vogt (ETH MAVT M.Sc. Co-advised with Mirko Meboldt).
  • Christian Knieling (ETH CS M.Sc. Co-advised with Olga Sorkine-Hornung).
  • André Rodrigues (Universidade Nova de Lisboa CSE M.Sc. External master's thesis).
  • Philippe Andreu (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Janik Baumer (ETH MAVT M.Sc.).
  • Guillaume Thivolet (ETH ITET M.Sc.).
  • Jannik Gartmann (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Yves Kempter (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Markus Pobitzer (B.Sc. Robotics, D-MAVT, ETH RSC.).
  • Boris Bernegger (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Fabian Mächtler (ETH CS B.Sc.).


  • Hugo Romat (embodied pen+touch interaction). next: Research Engineer in the NUI team at Microsoft Redmond, WA.

Past master's thesis students and visitors

  • Nikola Kovacevic (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Danil Ivanov (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Karan Ahuja (visiting from CMU HCII).
  • Alice Mylaeus (M.Sc. Robotics, D-MAVT, ETH RSC). next: APM at Google.
  • Manuel Meier (M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, D-ITET, ETH EE). next: PhD student with us.

Past undergrad and project students

  • Lukas Walker (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Tom Cinbis (ETH CS M.Sc.).
  • Nicole Wenzinger (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Clemens Bachmann (ETH CS B.Sc.).
  • Chris Buob (ETH CS B.Sc.).