On-Demand Biometrics

Fast and Convenient Cross-Device Login

ACM CHI 2016
Christian Holz and Frank Bentley
On-Demand Biometrics


We explore the use of a new way to log into a web service, such as email or social media. Using on-demand biometrics, users sign in from a browser on a computer using just their name, which sends a request to their phone for approval. Users approve this request by authenticating on their phone using their fingerprint, which completes the login in the browser. On-demand biometrics thus replace passwords or temporary access codes found in two-step verification with the ease of use of biometrics. We present the results of an interview study on the use of on-demand biometrics with a live login backend. Participants perceived our system as convenient and fast to use and also expressed their trust in fingerprint authentication to keep their accounts safe. We motivate the design of on-demand biometrics, present an analysis of participants’ use and responses around general account security and authentication, and conclude with implications for designing fast and easy cross-device authentication.



Christian Holz and Frank Bentley. On-Demand Biometrics: Fast and Convenient Cross-Device Login. In Proceedings of ACM CHI 2016.